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Join us this SATURDAY, DECEMBER 12th for a POP UP SHOP by Moon Rox. This Holiday Season give a handmade item from a local artist! Stop by between 1pm - 5pm to enjoy our pop up event of unique bottle cap accessories: earrings, bows, & Christmas ornaments (we hear there will be complimentary cupcakes!). Our local 2nd Saturday Art Walk is also taking place this Saturday, it starts at 4pm. Come out to enjoy a local event at the East Village neighborhood in Long Beach. 


It's OK to shop out of season!

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FALL is here and I'm still thinking about Summer. Actually like all SoCal residents, I'm literally feeling the late summer heat. It seems we are going through a heat wave that we missed during Summer. So besides the heat, why am I thinking about Summer? It's simple: out of season SALE. Yes, this is the time to stock up on those items that you loved during the summer but couldn't afford to buy. Shop those out of season pieces at 40-70% OFF ... maybe even more! Now that's a deal that you CAN NOT miss. Visit your favorite local stores and search their SALE section(s), I assure you you'll find that one, two, or more pieces you wanted a few months ago. 
If your hesitation is having to store those pieces for a 5-6 months, don't let that stop you. It's easy to do a light closet cleaning by donating those 2 - 3 outfits you didn't wear all summer which indicates you will certainly not wear by next summer. If you don't like those outfits hanging in your closet now, a year's worth of storing will not change your mind. Make that space in your closet, go shop those sale pieces you've really want and store those instead. You see ... It's OK to shop out of season when you have a plan! 

Happy Shopping,

Turning Two!


It is so exciting to announce our little shop MONA A LA MODA has just turned two! The past few years have gone by too f a s t ! ! ! How lucky we feel to be a part of a supportive community, The East Village Art District. 

In celebration of turning two, we decided to re-launched our website! We have reached many people within our community; however we are ready to reach out to those who have been requesting we go live! Through social media we have been able to gain followers and new customers interested in shopping with us. Now with our website going live soon, we'll be able to meet those requests and connect with all of our followers. 

Thank you for the loving support through out the past two years, looking forward to another year of celebration and growth.

                                                                                                                                  - MONA A LA MODA