MONA A LA MODA believes in highlighting a woman's femininity with daily wear. Our shop carries specialty pieces mixed with basics that are easy to incorporate into your personal dress style.

The Shop's Vision: Create a visual captivating HAPPY SHOPPING experience. We love it when we receive compliments such as "everything is so cute in here!" - it makes our time worthwhile and heart smile! :) 

Our HAPPY SHOPPING vision could not be complete without having our loving shop pup, Valentino, working with us! That's right, you can count on being warmly greeted by the a cute furry face. Valentino often lounges by our shop windows doing some people/doggie watching eagerly waiting to see new faces and make friends with our customers that walk into the shop. He'll make sure to win your heart! 

Meet Valentino!!! 

Meet Valentino!!! 


At MONA A LA MODA you will find a curated selection of apparel. Each piece is hand selected by the owner. 

MONA A LA MODA'S STYLE: Polished Feminine Style for the Chic Modern Woman. 

What does the name mean? The shop owner knew she wanted to pay tribute to her Spanish speaking roots by finding a name with meaning close to her heart. Mona (Female, Pretty, Chic) and A La Moda (In Fashion), MONA A LA MODA "Fashionable, Chic Woman."